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Ghelli Health Solutions, LLC

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Meet Jodi!

Jodi's passion for a greater understanding of health & wellness began when she was a little 10 year old girl - facing a new forever diagnosis of insulin dependent diabetes. This sparked a ravenous passion to not only learn about health and wellness, but also behavior modification. How do you stay heathy forever, when faced with a disease that requires a lifetime of dietary restrictions?  

Jodi went on to study nursing and then clinical social work - ultimately working many years as both an inpatient and outpatient medical social worker. She then opened her own private practice - where behavior modification, in regards 
to disease and weight management, were a specialty.

Jodi's deep & personal understanding of how difficult lifestyle changes can be, when it comes to our diet and overall life, led her to attain her certification as a Mental Heath Integrative Medicine
Provider & open her nationwide health coaching practice in 2018. This is where her passion for mental health and physical heath collided.  

Jodi believes strongly that for realistic and sustainable healthy habits to be formed, the whole person must be considered. This is why all clients begin with a complementary individual health assessment and mini coaching session. This is where an individualized plan is formulated to meet the specific needs of each client. 

Jodi also offers nationwide health coach training & business coaching services. Let's Connect! Call/Text 602-312-9590 or schedule a time!
I can get you on your way in two easy steps: 

Step 1!

Your story is very important to me. Just like going to the doctor, I need to know all about you before I can conclude the best path for your success.
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Step 2!

Let's discuss what you are looking for and determine what your next steps should be!
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